About the company ETACO Engineering & Trading

ETACO Engineering and Trading was founded in 1997 and the company's activity is based on the following five themes:

First : "SPIT"

We are the only agents for SPIT French company which is one of the pioneer companies in the field of production and manufacturing punching and cracking equipments in the concrete and installation screws, mechanical, chemical and pistols, as well as installation and shredder concrete punching Core drill where we supply all these equipments and machines.

Second : "Solar Energy"

We design, install, maintain and serve systems, solar water heating for all domestic and industrial applications. As we design and install solar heating systems for swimming pools.

Third : "Construction"

The company works with many of the contracting as follows

  1. Punching in reinforced concrete with different diameters using Core drill machines machines.
  2. Chopping concrete until thickness of 40 cm using the chainsaw machine Diamond machine.
  3. Cutting concrete with all its different thicknesses using Diamond Wire saw machine.
  4. Punching and culturing the ..........
  5. Installation of bridges joints expansions

Fourth : "Importing and supplying"

Importing and Exporting all kinds of steel screws ,nuts and skewers with all sizes and lengths and different hardnesses from stainless steel material.

Fifth : "Abrasive wheels"

Establish and operate a factory for the production of Abrasive and deterministic wheels where we have established a factory in Sixth of October City for the manufacture of stones.

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250W poly Best price per watt solar panels
Solar Panel Solar panel high efficiency 17.6% Excellent electrical character CE,TUV.

Latest News

ETACO Group event for energy saving 2014
Solar Panel high efficiency 17.6% Excellent electrical character CE,TUV.


Feel free to contact us:
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: +20 128 828 8108