ETACO Renewable Energy sector presents new technique in using solar energy as a free source of energy, clean, environmentally and friendly. Considering the geographical location of Egypt in the solar belt, as it has 4000 hours of rising sun over the year.

The company offers solar water heaters, solar pumps, garden lights & photo voltaic system with the latest technological and scientific systems with high efficiency for 24 hours demand for Domestic, industrial, medical needs, Hotels, villages, resorts, sport clubs and swimming pools, also for remote farms and sites.

The company also provides lighting lamps and decorated gardens and solar-powered.

Solar pumps

Solar water technologies and solar water pumps system are ideal for use in a wide range for solar energy applications.

From livestock watering to remote home or village water supply, these solar operated water pumps are well suited and proven to meet your water pumping need using solar energy!


Solar water heaters

Get hot water on demand at no cost with ETACO.

(Ideal for hotels, Hospitals, Homes...etc). Eliminates electric and natural gas bill and no maintenance required.

Retain hot water for up to 3 days even if there is no sun.

Available in capacities 150~400 Liters 4 years warranty


Photo voltaic

Cut your electricity bills protection against energy price increases free electricity with help from the sun generate your own electricity easily and naturally. Warranty for 25 years.


Garden lights

Garden lights works on sunlight, Light your garden for free.

Latest garden lights are now available !