Our projects
  1. The process of cutting the Ring bridge Alexandria Egypt Road via Lift Slab and the main contractor Hassan Allam.
  2. Cutting reinforcing concrete using Wire saw machines in a factory in Alexandria, through El madina Company.
  3. Cutting concrete through using Wire saw machine in the subway project by (French-Egyptian consortium).
  4. Cutting slabs in Egypt factory for the manufacturing of glass in Mostorod using Floor Saw Machines + Wire saw machines through (contruction) company.
  5. Installation of Bridge expansion joint of victory and bridges to circumvent axis and NUBARIYA Bridge Alexandria Egypt Road and the contract has been signed with Orascom Comapany
  6. Chopping Canal Bridge victory in Egypt Alexandria road by Orascom Company.
  7. Installation of steel structures to support the cantilever slabs at the ring bridge through the Arab Contractors Company (Winepress arsenal administration).
  8. Action slots through Balbiera with a diameter of 3.5 meters and depth of 1.60 meters by Hassan Allam Company.
  9. Supply of steel nails to subway project in favor of the Arab Contractors Company in all its branches.
  10. Contract with SIAC Company in the field of contracting and metal construction and implementing some of the following projects:
    • Allegria project October 6
    • Ghabour project Obour City.
    • Damac project Fifth Avenue
    • Alexandria City Centre.
  11. Work in special projects for Challengers for construction and reconstruction (UCC) are as follows: -
    • Palm Hills October 6.
    • Palm Parks.
    • Hacienda north coast.
    • Palm Hills Buildings Fifth Avenue.
  12. Work in some special projects for RedconCompany are as follows:
    • Americana project Fifth Avenue.
    • Palm Hills project Fifth Avenue.
    • Golden Coast project Sharm El Sheik.h
    • Draya University project in El Minia.
    • South Beach project Ain Sokhna (Porto).